Cheat Sheets

Category Link Description
Azure Azure Architectures MS Learn
Azure Azure CLI Cheat Sheet
Azure Azure CLI Code Snippets
Azure Azure Powershell Cheat Sheet
Azure Azure AI Cheat Sheet
Azure Azure Key Vault Cheat Sheet
ChatGPT Using ChatGPT for Data Science use cases PDF
GenAI Prompt Engineering Learn by Example Learn Prompting
LangChain LangChain Syntax Reference PDF
LangChain LangChain Cheat Sheet
Pandas Pandas for DS Image
PowerShell PowerShell Cheat Sheet
Programming Visual Studio Code
Python Covering basic Python3 Language Syntax PDF
Spark PySpark Cheat Sheet
Spark Spark Structured Streaming
Spark Spark DataFrame Cheat Sheet
Python EDA Cheat Sheet PDF
Streamlit Streamlit Cheat Sheet
Anaconda Conda Cheat Sheet
Fabric Fabric DW Code Snippets

Web Links

Category Description Link
Fabric Fabric Community Home Web Site
Images Image to Base64 Converter Web Site
JSON JSON Linter Web Site

Blogs to Follow

Category Description Link
AI AI Revolution YouTube
Azure Dan Wahlin YouTube
DS shepML YouTube
DS Tina Huang YouTube
Fabric Dan English Blog
Fabric Kasper de Jong YouTube
Fabric Sandeep Pawar Blog
GenAI Dewain Robinson YouTube
Microsoft Microsoft Reactor YouTube
Microsoft Microsoft Developer YouTube
Microsoft Microsoft Mechanics YouTube
ML Nicholas Renotte YouTube
Other Silicon Valley Group Replays Web Site
Other YCombinator YouTube
Python Data ScientYst Web Site

Workstation Setup

Category Description Link
Azure Install Azure CLI MS Learn
Azure Install Azure ML CLI MS Learn
Azure Install Azure AI CLI MS Learn
Conda Install Miniconda MS Learn
Windows Install ZoomIt MS Learn

Azure Docs

Category Description Link
Azure Azure Functions with Python MS Learn
Azure AI Prompt Flow Documentation MS Learn
Azure ML Azure Machine Learning SDK for Python MS Learn
Azure ML Azure Machine Learning Docs MS Learn
Azure ML Azure ML Rest API Ref MS Learn
Azure ML Azure ML GitHub Docs GitHub

Microsoft Fabric Docs

Category Description Link
Fabric Getting started with Fabric MS Learn
Fabric Data Science in Fabric MS Learn
Fabric Fabric Semantic Link MS Learn
Fabric Fabric Pricing Calculator Web Site
Fabric AWS S3 Shortcuts in Fabric MS Learn
Fabric AI SynapseML Documentation Web Site
Fabric AI SynapseML Transformer Examples GitHub
Fabric AI Sentiment Analysis with Azure AI + Fabric MS Learn
Fabric AI Translation with Azure AI + Fabric MS Learn
Fabric AI Using OpenAI Services with Fabric MS Learn

Power BI

Category Description Link
Power BI Microsoft Power BI Docs MS Learn
DAX DAX Guide Web Site

Other Docs

Category Description Link
Copilot Copilot Studio Documentation MS Learn
Python Minimal Python Book Web
Python Conda Docs Web
DS Pandas Docs Pandas
ML MLflow Docs MLflow
ML scikit-learn scikit-learn
Power BI PowerBI Jupyter Client GitHub
Spark PySpark API Ref Apache
DS NumPy Docs Web

Training Courses

Category Description Link
AI Harvard CS50 Intro to AI Harvard CS50
AI IBM Applied AI Certificate Coursera
Azure Azure ChatGPT and OpenAI Service Overview Udemy
Azure AI Engineer Associate AI-102 Exam Prep Udemy
Azure Data Engineering on Azure Udemy
Azure CosmosDB Development DP-420 Prep Udemy
DS/ML IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Coursera
DS/ML Stanford Machine Learning Specialization Coursera
DS/ML Michigan Applied Data Science Certificate Coursera
DS/ML Duke MLOps Specialization Coursera
DS/ML Databricks Applied Data Science for Data Analytsts Coursera
Fabric Microsoft Fabric Overview Udemy
GenAI Generative AI with Large Language Models Coursera
GenAI Microsoft Generative AI for Beginners GitHub
GenAI Databricks Generative AI Fundamentals Databricks
GenAI Foundations of Prompt Engineering AWS Skillbuilder
GenAI ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers DeepLearning.AI
GenAI Introduction to Generative AI Google Skills Boost
GenAI What is Generative AI? LinkedIn Learning
LangChain LangChain Chat with Your Data Coursera

Microsoft Learning Paths

Category Description Link
GenAI Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: Generative AI MS Learn
GenAI Develop Generative AI solutions with Azure OpenAI Service MS Learn
AI Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals: AI Overview MS Learn
Fabric Get started with Microsoft Fabric MS Learn
Fabric Implement a Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric MS Learn
ML End-to-end machine learning operations (MLOps) with Azure Machine Learning MS Learn

Cool Tools

Category Description Link
GenAI Microsoft Designer Web Site
GenAI Bing Image Creator Web Site
GenAI ChatGPT Web Site
GenAI DALL-E Web Site