Microsoft Ignite 2023 is a wrap, and much of the conference was focused on an exciting firehose of AI product announcements.  

Here's my list of sessions related to AI that I found most interesting and that are available for streaming online.

General Sessions

Opening Keynote (day 1 keynote) [YouTube]

Microsoft Cloud in the era of AI (day 2 keynote) [YouTube]

Generative AI

Azure AI Search Briefing

Vector Search: Retrieval Augmented Generation and Generative AI Apps

Common Generative AI Use Cases with Azure and Snowflake

Learn Live: Build an AI-enabled chat w/ Azure OpenAI & Azure Cosmos DB

Copilot Sessions

Adopting Extending and Building Your Own Copilots [YouTube]

Build your own Copilot with Azure AI Studio

Simplifying cloud operations with Microsoft Copilot for Azure

Copilot for Microsoft 365 [YouTube]


Evaluating and Designing Responsible AI Systems for The Real World

The AI-era of Industrial Transformation

Upgrading your data estate to Microsoft Fabric and getting started Q&A